Trying to conceive?  Have you considered Reflexology for Fertility?  Reflexology involves alternating pressure on the feet, hands and ears to affect the entire body, and it can be a powerful tool in helping with conception.  While trying to conceive is an exciting time, the pressure can sometimes be overwhelming, with well meaning advice flowing in from everywhere.  Prospective parents are often told to "just relax," yet this advice can be counterproductive for couples who are struggling to do just that.  Reflexology can be an effective complimentary therapy to support couples in this process.

Reflexology can assist in the fertility process by helping to de-stress and rebalance to prepare the body for conception.  Reflexology can be an amazing therapy for relaxation - by working the reflexes to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, we can allow the body to reset and decrease the production of stress hormones.  Most reflexology clients walk out of a session feeling calmer, more balanced and grounded.  Reflexology can improve sleep, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels, reduce nausea created by nerves or hormone treatments, increase circulation, as well as provide emotional release and processing.  These benefits of this therapy can be especially helpful during this trying time.

Besides stress relief, one of the primary benefits of reflexology for fertility is to help balance the reproductive system and hormones.  Fertility Reflexology places a large emphasis on working the reflexes to balance the endocrine system.  For couples that are doing everything right to prepare and still having trouble, this is sometimes the piece that helps everything click into place.  Reflexology stimulates the body to maintain homeostasis and can be so effective at fine tuning the delicate hormonal balance.

Reflexology can continue to assist the mother-to-be and growing baby after conception as well.  Reflexology can help with aches and pains associated with pregnancy, improve sleep, help with edema and swelling, and reduce the stress hormones.  This is one of the best modalities to incorporate into the process of conception and gestation.  


30 Minutes                      $40

60 Minutes                      $75

90 Minutes                      $110